About Sancas

Santiago Castillo ltd


SANCAS Realty forms part of the Santiago Castillo Ltd Group of Companies a Belizean owned business in operation since
1926. In addition to being one of Belize’s largest food importer and distributors, the company also owns several large-
scale retail companies, along with many income generating properties throughout the Country of Belize including the
new Sancas Plaza in San Pedro.
The Santiago Castillo company continues to invest in Belize with multiple development projects throughout the country.
As we are Belizean based and owned company, we are closely networked with all the key stakeholders in the Real Estate
industry throughout the country.
SANCAS Realty has offices on Ambergris Caye, in Belize City and representation in the United States, we provide
Residential and Commercial Real Estate services throughout all of Belize. Our 12-agent team has cumulative real estate
sales experience which exceeds 60 years including more than 35 years in Belize.
In addition, our affiliation with the US based luxury realtor Brown Harris Stevens provides our clients global exposure in
North America with their multiple web-based platforms and network of agent
SANCAS Realty provides exceptional service, from being able to foresee issues before they arise to understanding the
intricacies of the various types of real estate transactions in Belize. In addition we provide clients access to our large
network of reputable and reliable partners to include Belize legal and financial experts as well as contractors and
Reputation is crucial to a long and successful career in real estate. Becoming a member of the Association of Real Estate
Brokers of Belize (AREBB) is one way to show you practice high ethical standards. To become a member, you must
pledge to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Agents who work with SANCAS Realty Limited are honest and
have integrity and are required to be a member of AREBB.

At SANCAS Realty we adhere to a strict code of integrity, transparency, full disclosure and confidentiality for all clients,
we would be honored to serve your needs.


• Fair Market Value Assement
• Pricing Strategy
• Financing Options
• Sales and Marketing Print Materials
• Local Signage
• Multiple Website Listings
• Media Marketing
• Access to our Buyer Database
• Collaboration with Belize based Financial and Legal Experts
• Step by Step Guidance throughout the Transaction Process


• Property Search Designed to Meet your Goals and Objectives
• Our Listing Portfolio
• Access to the Unpublished Listing Portfolio
• Planning Your Buyer Trip
• Collaboration with Multiple Listing Agencies
• Validation of Free and Clear Land Certificate (Title)
• Choice of Available Financing Options
• Offer to Purchase Guidance
• Collaboration with Belize based Financial and Legal Experts
• Step by Step Guidance throughout the Transaction Process